Friday, March 11, 2011

Sabbath Update & Accountability

After returning from the S3 conference, I found myself energized, yet behind. I was excited about the actual Sabbath rest that took place over the week as it was different than I anticipated, but there was this perpetual reminder of all the work left undone during that week. When I began to describe to Ginger about the year-long plan and agreements we made together, I laid out these action steps for our family (obviously, with the hopes she would agree):

1) Beginning at 3pm on Friday afternoons, we would honor a family Sabbath until 8pm
I was glad to see her oblige because this meant that the weekly house cleaning would have to be rushed from 1:30pm-3:00pm.

2) We would read the Bible and pray together.

3) We would rest and relax sometimes involving naps, but others just sharing one another's company.

4) I determined I would read something regarding Sabbath on Fridays; however, it would not necessarily need to occur during this apportioned time.

Here is the update of the first two weeks:

March 4
Ginger rushed home from work in order to have the house cleaned and completed the task. I finalized grading papers around 4pm, and we proceeded to start a tradition. We read from a children's Bible about the creation of the world, introduced the idea of Sabbath to the kids and fielded a number of questions from my six year old about Sabbath (mostly assuring him that he did not have to take a nap during these moments. After this, we played a few board games and continued to relax. The kids went to their rooms while Ginger and I talked without the interference of a computer and/or television. Our time was cut short, but we knew that ahead of time as we had a new member church dinner. We couldn't turn down a free meal, and honestly we did very little work at the church. In some ways this was a great Sabbath. Even though it was not as long as we had planned, it was a great introduction.

March 11
Again, we had a shortened Sabbath, but in due part because Dillon had his friend over for their first sleepover. They had been begging for this during the recent Upward basketball season and the time had come. We failed in some areas as we did not read from the Bible or pray together. And, we did not discuss that it was Sabbath. However, Payton and I napped while Dillon watched a movie. I think Mom worked (she cannot have a dusty Then, we dropped Sis off for a night at Nana's and picked up Dillon's best buddy. Next week needs to be more intentional. Ginger and I discussed the having Sabbath, but left the kids out of it, which is a mistake because this could be the start of a great tradition.

Next week will also be challenging, but it is still promising. Someone text me to remind me. Ha! I share all of this for the accountability I need in my own life. You will honor God by helping my family honor Sabbath, so feel free to email, text or call to ask how it is progressing. I removed myself from Facebook to deal with an addiction and to participate in Lent. I am hoping to find something proactive and positive to participate in to fill that time as well. Any suggestions? May God guide us all towards Sabbath rest, reflection and renewal!

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