Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sabbath - Sunday Morning Birth!

Congratulations to the Pagel Family!

Kendra and Eli welcome their two new boys this morning - Ian and Nolan! Ian, 5lbs 6oz and his "little" brother, Nolan, 4lbs 2oz.

I am writing, remembering when my own kids came into my life and our lives.

Kids force us to 'stop' from old routines - for sure! They are incredible opportunities to celebrate new life - for sure! And they certainly force us to change old habits. (And they often force us to sleep in the oddest ways!)

We celebrate with Eli and Kendra today! And we hope that their routines for life are disrupted in all the best ways - with Ian and Nolan.

May it serve as time for they - and for us - to reflect on what is most important in the totality of our lives - and what is most important in how we prioritize our time!

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  1. Oh gosh - I haven't read a lot this past week - will send a card or at least an ecard/email. How exciting.
    It's interesting to think that Sabbath moments will be very different for this family from now on and will continue to take on entirely new meanings!