Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reflections from Retreat

We went on retreat together – we experienced the retreat as we become more than “to gether” but “to gather” with each other.

We went on retreat to rest – we discovered we could be restored.

'Still waters'
We went on retreat to pray and study – we found prayerful peace and the study of God in nature.

Stephen reflecting by the lake.

We went on retreat as friends and colleagues – we came back more like family.

Marty and Jeremy roaming the open range on quads in Idaho.

We went on retreat as pastors and teachers – we came home with the realization that we have more persons that we can pastor – and more people we can teach. 

We went, in some ways, for ourselves – on retreat, we experienced that we are best when we serve other and mentor others.

Wendell wielding a nail gun building for a purpose. We spent this day working on the construction of a new building for a Lutheran congregation. Yes, they allowed us to don hard hats and wield nail guns.
Our retreat taught us the significance of mentoring relationships – of sharing with others.

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  1. Oh, I love these reflections. They do my heart good, indeed - am glad this has been a good, rich, deep experience for each one of you!