Sunday, February 27, 2011

From the Acorn . . . the Oak. The Seven Minute Sabbath

For the next few weeks I am going to - in intentional and deliberate ways - take a daily "Seven Minute Sabbath." It may seem like a trivialization of the real, deep issues of justice & righteousness & peace that are intended to be part of Sabbath (especially as understood in Leviticus 25) - but . . . .

I also think small steps to re-orient and re-shape my days will help me think in larger ways about living my entire life toward Sabbath reorientation and Sabbath blessing.

At different times of day I will intentionally walk away from my "to do lists" and "assignments" and "work" to reorient to who I am supposed to "be" as a person in light of the call of Scripture.

My hope is that from these small series of daily intentional minutes - deep meaning will spring forth.

From the Acorn . . . the Oak.

From small faith to greater faith-full-ness!

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