Monday, February 7, 2011

Hannah as Model Prayer - Sabbath Reflection from 1 Samuel

"In a world in which God is the primary reality, worship is the primary activity. In worship, we cultivate attentiveness and responsiveness to God. Cultivate, because if we live by mere happenstance - looking at what is biggest, listening to what is loudest, doing what is easiest - we will live as if God were confined to the margins of our lives. But God is not marginal; God is foundational and central. The person who lives as if God sits on a bench aat the edges of life, waiting to be called on in emergencies, is out of touch with reality and so lives badly... And the worship continues. Worship is not something one does to get something, and once it is got can be discontinued. Worship is a way of life." - Eugene Peterson (First and Second Samuel Westminster Bible Companion, page 21-22).

Sabbath is cultivating attentiveness and responsiveness to God. It is allowing God to be more than marginal in our lives. He becomes foundational and central. In this way, we are in touch with true reality and thus able to live rightly.

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